Spreading your images with the web society happens to be one of the reasons men and women go online to begin with. If you’d like to have all of your shots situated on your site, then Gallery is an ideal choice for you.

Gallery is an open–source collection manager, which allows you to easily set up all of the shots you’ve published into various photo albums and display them on your own website. It has an uncomplicated and easy–to–use interface. It allows you to revise, tag and/or watermark your pics without any extra software. At the same time – it’s free of cost!

Gallery–Optimized Shared Web Hosting Services

Using the Gallery shared web hosting service, you will get your pic gallery published online with just a mouse–click. You simply need to select Gallery from the web application drop–down menu in the signup form and we’ll deploy your photo album software the moment we configure your web hosting account. That will permit you to start working on your photo gallery as soon as the signup procedure has been done.

Every Gallery shared web hosting package is protected by a collection of service guarantees for the trouble–free effectiveness of your respective photo gallery. Your shared web hosting account is configured without charge and and comes with a 99.9% uptime warranty. Also, if you aren’t happy with the Gallery shared web hosting service, you could make use of our 30–day money–back guarantee.

A Point & Click Web Control Panel

At Regan we provide you an easy–to–use way, for you to manage your Gallery web sites. Packaged with every Gallery shared web hosting pack, you’ll find our own Web Control Panel. Built by Regan and for us, it demonstrates remarkable rate as well as dependability as opposed to other control panel interfaces. It also allows you to be in charge of both your site plus your domain name from a single location.

In the Control Panel there are lots of important software tools and bonus applications that can help you with your current site together with your upcoming websites. Using the File Manager you’ll be able to upload files by dragging and dropping them in your own Internet browser. Our Domains Manager allows you to handle plenty of domain names at the same time. The Web Statistics Manager will start accumulating customer details for your web site the second it goes live.